Environmental Circumstances In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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When the boys arrive on the island, unaware of the environmental circumstances, establish things in a civilized manner. Environmental circumstances are the combination of external physical conditions that affect and influence the growth, development, and survival of organism. The boys decide to have a chief in order to "decide things"(22). Ralph wins the majority of the vote and he assigns Jack, and his group of choir boys as hunters and gatherers. The hunters and gatherers job is to gather food and light the signal fire, which can help them reach civilization. The conch in which Ralph and Piggy find has a significance role and symbolizes order and authority. Whoever holds the conch has the power to be heard. If the boys want to speak they had to put their "Hands up like at school...Then…show more content…
At this point the boys lost all their sense of humanity and start to openly express their savage instincts. Piggy's death shows an individual, Roger is capable of committing murder. Roger in the beginning of the book invisibly expresses his savage instincts by throwing rocks at a lillun Henry but "throwing to miss"(62). In this scene Roger is well aware and knows that killing is wrong, because he was taught that in his civilized setting. When no consequences was taken for Rogers action, he begins to express his invisible powers more visibly. Roger enjoyed inflicting pain on others. When Roger pulls the lever the results in Piggy's death, Roger was clearly not aiming to miss. Roger's actions is due to the environmental circumstances and can be explained through Phillip Zimbardo's studies of the psychology of evil. Phillip Zimbardo says based on his prison study, "good people, put in bad situations turn bad"(2) This can be similar to what happened to Roger because he was good in the beginning of the book, but as time passes and the situation gets worse such as food shortage, he turns
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