Environmental Biologist Essay

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My lifelong commitments with the environment started as a young fellow born and grew up in XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, which experiences dry climate, high fresh water demand, and low biodiversity, that encouraged me to participate in the Nature clubs environmental activities in the school, and attending national and international environmental camps, as well as participate in many of beach cleanups, tree plantings, and water conservation awareness campaigns. In my undergraduate studies I had deeply interested in biological science in order to understand the elemental building blocks of the mechanisms of life, the rules of environmental behavior, and the major problems that face human beings, such as depletion of Nature resources, demolition of the ecosystems, interruption of biodiversity and public health. Subsequent to my academic education, I got a chance to work as environmental researcher at the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, where I got a chance to acquire many research skills and techniques such as learning how to live and work with a research team in a remote environment to collect, analyze and record data throughout a series of aerial, Terrestrial and marine surveys to address the ecological processes within coastal habitats, and identify the factors that controlling the structure and function of the marine ecosystem of the Mangrove forests, sea grass beds, sea birds, marine mammals, marine turtles, coral reefs, fisheries, phytoplankton and zooplankton. This information was compiled into a GIS database and was then used to draw maps for the first-ever scientific Atlas of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Because I broadly believe, that protecting the environment is everybodys responsibility, I worked as environmental awareness educator at the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, to contribute in building of an environmentally aware generation, who would share the agency its environmental

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