Environmental And Consumer Influences Analysis: Assisted Living

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Environmental and Consumer Influences Analysis Donna Reeves PSY/322 October 1, 2012 April Ward Coming to the realization that a family member needs to be moved to an Assisted Living Facility is very heart wrenching. Not only does the patient have to overcome the psychological factor, but also the family does as well. It is one of the hardest decisions to be made by any one person. Most patients who live in assisted living facility either can no longer take care of themselves and neither can the family, or injured and in need of rehabilitation. According to the Assisted Living Federation of America, assisted living residents is 86.9 years (female average age, 87.3; male average age, 85.7). Female residents (73.6%) outnumber male residents by almost three to one. The majority (76.6%) of assisted living residents are widowed, and just over 12% are still married or have a significant other. The average length of stay…show more content…
It is a shame that senior adults who cannot care for themselves, and the family cannot (or will not) care for them has to go to a facility that is less than prime care. Society does not want to acknowledge some families put their family members in such facilities so they do not have to deal with them on a day-to-day basis and never see them again. It is a sad affair this writer witnesses each time she goes to visit her Mother. Again, deferring to the list of questions from the AFLA, questions to ask are: □ Are there different costs for various levels or categories of personal care? □ Do billing, payment, and credit policies seem fair? □ Will Medicare and Medicaid cover the full cost or will there have to be a

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