Environment in Pakistan Essay

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Environment 15 Environment challenges and issues of Pakistan are associated primarily with an imbalanced social and economic development in recent decades. This challenge is further compounded with rapid urbanization due to a shift of population from rural to urban areas. Thus, all major cities of Pakistan face haphazard, unplanned expansion leading to increase in pollution. This unchecked growth has led to creation of slums areas around city peripheries and low lying area. Since the municipal authorities and utility service providers have limitations in extending their facilities, urban congestion is the prime reason of ever deteriorating ambient air and water quality, solid waste management and loss of biodiversity. Under the present scenario, the managers of Pakistan’s major urban centres are facing rising difficulties in developing their management plans to provide adequate water and sanitation facilities and health services to ensure a healthy living environment. Environmental degradation is fundamentally linked to poverty in Pakistan. Poverty is the main impediment in dealing with the environment related problems. There is an increasing demand on the already depleting natural resource base of the country. Since poor are directly dependent on natural resources for their livelihoods whether agriculture, hunting forestry, fisheries, etc. Poverty combined with a rapidly increasing population and growing urbanization is leading to intense pressures on the environment. This environment‐poverty nexus cannot be ignored if effective and practical solutions to remedy environmental hazards are to be taken. Therefore, there has been a dire need to work on poverty alleviation. In this regard, Benazir Income Support

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