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Elizabeth Goforth Everest College Individual Work Week 2 The carbon cycle is a series of natural process by which carbon in the air is made available to living things, then used by them, and is returned to the air to start the process over again (how stuff works 2014). You start the carbon cycle with the “reservoir” of carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, carbon atoms from CO2 make the plants body. An animal then eats a plant with the carbon atoms in it and becomes part of the tissue in that animal. Animals and plants breathe about half the molecules that contain carbon, and the other half are deposited to the soil in the form of dead plants and animal matter. The carbon cycle in the ocean is different. Photosynthesis by phytoplankton and macroalgae removes CO2 from the inorganic carbonates in seawater. Some other processes are the diffusion trade between the oceans and atmosphere and the burning of fossil fuels which in return releases CO2 to the atmosphere. It takes approximately 6 years for a carbon atom to cycle through the atmosphere and back within one or more living things. Humans have impacted this cycle by clearing so much of the forests that the ability of photosynthesis to remove CO2 has been severally impaired. By humans using so much fossil fuel we are adding to the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere by 35%. The phosphorus cycle is much like the carbon cycle in its own way. Phosphorus is mostly on land and is usually found in rocks and the oceans. Phosphorus moves in a slow process by rocks breaking down and releasing phosphorus and other ions. The phosphate ion, referred to as organic phosphate when the plants absorb the ion through the soil or water solution. Animals will then eat the plants absorbing the phosphates and will return them back to the earth through urine or decay of an animal when it dies restarting the cycle all over again. Humans

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