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A comparative analysis of the outcome of two teaching-learning approaches adopted for teaching pharmacology to undergraduate nursing students Sanatombi Devi 1, S. Mayya, Bairy KL, Anice George, Manu Mohan, Bobby Sindhu, Krishnaendhu, Aparna, Selma, Reshma, Sheila, D’souza, Melita S, Latha T 1 Associate Professor, Department of Statistics Manipal University, Manipal Karnataka Key words Drug administration, MDI, Peak flow meter, Nebulization, video, active lecture, live demonstration, comparative analysis, medication errors, compliance, pharmacology and nursing students. Methodology The researcher utilized an evaluative approach and an experimental design. Eighty second year B.Sc. students were randomized, 40 each for experimental and control group. Instruments for the study included students’ profile, structured questionnaire on oral drug administration, observation checklist on oral drug administration, MDI, Nebulization, Mini Peak flow meter and an Interview schedule for patients on understanding of the drugs prescribed for them. Abstract A class of undergraduate nursing students of size 80 was randomized to control and experimental group for teaching pharmacology (respiratory drugs) using Active Lecture Cum Live Demonstration (ALLD) and Active Lecture Cum Video (ALV). The controls were taught with ALLD and the experimental groups of students were taught using ALV. It was observed that the mean post-test knowledge score (50.05) of the experimental group after the competency programme on drug administration using active lecture cum video were apparently higher than the control group (45). Hence the competency programme on drug administration using Active Lecture cum Video (ALV) proved to be more effective than Active Lecture cum Live Demonstration (ALLD) Result and discussion Findings indicates that among the control group, 24 (60%) were between

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