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Question 1 Write a report for an authority of a city or town that wants to contribute to a more sustainable global future by taking local action. The proposal of your report is to give advice on how your chosen city or town reduce its carbon emissions from buildings. A Report to Advise Halstead Town Council on a More Sustainable Future. Introduction This report has been requested by the town council of Safron Walden, Essex, to look at ways to reduce carbon emissions of its buildings and help make plans and provisions for a more sustainable future over the next ten years. The aim of this report is to give Halstead Town Council the opportunity to look at the advantages and ways to improve to a more efficient and effective way of being environmentally secure within its construction of new buildings and improving existing older buildings, reducing its carbon emissions and employing the use of renewable energies from such sources as solar and wind power. Halstead is a small market town in the north of Essex. It lies seven miles south from the border of Essex with Suffolk and is 59 miles north east of London. The town has approximately 11,053 inhabitants. (Wikipedia, 2011) Halstead has long been settled and appears in the 1086 Doomsday book. Halstead has been a town since 1251 when it received its charter. (Halstead and District History Society, 2012) Given the age of the town there are naturally a great variety of buildings which would benefit from energy improvement measures. The major candidates being, the 1970’s office block above a row of shops which is located on the high street and the engineering works on Factory Lane. Other potential sites for improvement are the industrial units on the Blue Bridge industrial estate and the four schools in the town, three of which are primary schools and one high school. The high school in particular

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