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I‘m going to talk about environmet, main environmental dangers, ways how to protect nature and about protection animals wich are extinct. First of all, I want to talk about environment problems. So, one of the biggest problems of modern world is the pollution of our environment. We destroy our natural environment. Fumes and chemical gases pollute the air. Seas and rivers are contaminated by chemical substances and sewage. We have to cope with such environmental problems as the hole in the ozone layer, global warming, greenhouse effect and acid rains. All of this is very harmful to the environment in which we live. The second thing that I want to say it‘s about the ways how to protect environment. There are a lot of ways what we can do. Instead of driving your car to work every day, you can go with bus. The other healthy alternative is riding a bicycle. There should be more actions such as "Day without car" to prove every one that it is possible to commute to work. We can use natural sources of energy such as wind, or sun. They are more ecological than oil. Before throwing rubbish away we should select them and put them to a special containers to get them recycled. Instead of having a bath every day, we should take a shower. It‘s very important to save our planet. The third thing that I want to say,it‘s that everyone should protect not just environment,but also animals that are in danger of extinction. To protect wild animals and endangered species the wooden cuts should be stopped. In Poland there are a lot of endangered species, which are protected, for example: slow-worm, common European toad, grass snake or sand lizard.We all have to save them becouse they are part of our lives in this beautiful world. In summary, I would like to quote that „small steps can lead to large environmental benefits“. Any good work to environment is useful.So Each of us has

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