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Africa and Florida’s environment both have issues and damages. The damages of the environment affect the animals that live in the area. Florida is known for its pollution in certain areas and this is what hurts the animals, from ranches and farms polluting the watered area where animals live they die off because of what is thrown in the water. In 1990, Florida Legislature banned drilling. This drilling happened on the coast-line with this happening most drilling comes with oil and with oil in the way of an animal they’ll get covered in it and soon die. It’s sort of like the BP oil spill, affecting all of the animals that lived in that area to be covered in oil. I think if cars get fuel-efficient, there is new technology, and change transportation the oil spills and accidents will be put to an end. The way the oil spills happen changes climates of the area it happens in. In Lake Okeechobee there’s a lot of pollution that goes on, this is threatening to endangered wildlife. South Florida’s Water Management District wants to set some rules so that the pollution is stopped. Compared to Africa, Florida has water and Africa doesn’t really have much of it. In South Africa water is used out to its limit, the pollution comes from traffic associated with crude oil transport from the Arabian Gulf which is contaminated from tanks that spill oil. Some ways we pollute the Everglades, is because of some of the stuff that goes down the drains. Most of the stuff goes into a lake, pond, or canal, most these are connected to the ocean and Everglades. We have to watch what we let go down the drains, such as chemicals, and trash. I think if we make a way where trash that goes down a drain can be separated from the water and goes into another drain leading to a dump. Africa has different problems in the environment, there’s barely any water for animals to drink and certain areas have

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