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SAEED GHANDOORA FEBRUARY 15, 2012 CLASS: 700 How do you think globalization damages our environment? People do not like globalization because it has negative effects on our environment. People have to stop globalization any way they can in order to save the environment. Without the environment nobody is going to live. Globalization is altering the global environment. In fact the environment is everything in the earth for humans, animals, and plants because without it we cannot live. According to some scientists," people argue it is accelerating the process of the capitalist exploitation of nature and humanity, spinning the globe faster and faster toward an ecological meltdown." Three parts of the environment that are most damaged by globalization are the forests, wetlands, and oceans. In other hand globalization has some passive affect. People should prevent globalization before it damages these parts and other parts of our environment. This is the best thing for humanity, animals, and plants because if humans do not stop it, it is going to spread everywhere and damage everything. First of all, globalization effects on the forest. Forests are very important for humanity, animals, and plants. Globalization damages the trees by cut it and burn it. The forests are very important for every creature. People used the trees to make a lot of thing such as a nice house or some furniture. People used wood to produce less economical in a global market. They just used the forest to produce something instead of take care of it. The forests are very important for humans and we used it for two reasons. First, the trees in the forest give humans and animals clean air which every creature breathes. This is one very important reasons to stop globalization and give up cut tiny trees for use economic. The trees also absorb CO2 which is very dangerous. CO2 comes

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