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Radelkys Inoa 11/17/2011 Expository Writing “Our Environment” The word “environment” covers a wide variety of issues. It covers on aspects of pollution, conservation, recycling, global warming, the ozone layer, air and water quality, endangered species, and even population control. These are aspects of Mother Nature that is being affected daily and will someday back fire on us. There are many ways that we can conserve our environment a so it can last longer and be healthier which would be an advantage for all of us. Many of these actions that we can make to save the environment are simple. If we each contribute something to conserve the environment it will make a great impact on the preservation of the environment. One simple thing people can do to conserve the environment is plant a tree which can amount to a great amount of afforestation. People can also try to minimize the use of vehicles and start walking or use bicycles more often. This can contribute to the reduction in air pollution. Another way we can conserve the environment is by using less power at home. It helps to unplug things that aren’t being used when you leave your home to save power. Recycling is the best way to conserve the environment. It is said that one bottle of water lasts a decade to decompose if it is not recycled. Global warming is one of the most complicated issues facing world leaders today. Global warming is when the inner core of the earth heats up. This occurs when the greenhouse gases trap heat from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere. The greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxide, and methane. This affects people, animals, and plants. Global warming causes sea level to rise which can cover low land islands. It is also causing glaciers in the Arctic to melt. This can cause an enormous flood that can wipe us all out. In conclusion, we should all make a

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