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CHAPTER II Methodology In this chapter, it illustrates the different approached that was used by the researchers which enable to facilitate the ideas in an orderly manner. Pollution in Metro Manila was the principal cause in looking for diverse methodological solutions for a change by the researchers. It describes how the students on a particular matter come up on such a significant call. Research Method Observation was the method used in the research for it leads to a question, “How did this happen?” It enables the researchers to look for data and record it accurately for the matter being discussed. It attempts to seek factual evidences that can support the main topic that tends the listeners or readers agree in to whatever answers or assessment that had been made in an investigation that needed attention. Respondents The students of Asia Pacific College, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and the number of Populations in the Philippines were the respondents, including the researchers, were obligated in the need of the call of response for the restoration of the Natural Resources of the Philippines for tourist advantage purposes and also for the healthy living for Filipinos. Data Gathering Procedure The investigators made analytical observations through the use of Internet and environmental books that was relevant in the pollution situations inside the Manila City. The researchers reached into a conclusion that change should take place in the cities that were mentioned and observed, because, the individuals themselves witnessed the horrifying unpleasant sights in the areas of Metro Manila that needs reconstruction. The observation that was made by the two individuals was based on experience outside the Asia Pacific College that awakens the heart for an

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