Enviromental Science Essay

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Mark Verduzco Biology 10-30-12 Environmental Science Environmental science is the interaction between humans and other organisms in the area around them. This type of science explains on what we as humans can do to help out the environment which is called a niche. However the importance of knowing can be extremely useful for people because they can figure out on how to help out the issues and problems of the environment whether it on a farm or in the inner-city. As the concerns of environmental issues increases on our Earth, we as humans should start to clean up our different environments for the best because the stats of litter in the united states alone is tremendous and it will beneficial for everyone. First, animals have to play a large role in an environment just like humans. Their interaction within an area can be negative such as birds or squirrels having obtaining energy from eating plants and other animals which causes waste all over the place and not only in urban areas but anywhere in general. This can become a hassle if people have to clean up after them all the time but at the same time it isn’t their fault since they are tamed. Benefits can also come out of animals in their environments such as birds eating up the insect or bugs that harm plants that people garden. Another example could be that wolves in the mountains keep a steady population of deer so that they don’t over-populate. At the same time, animals keep the life cycle going on in a way that affect animals or humans that can create an extremely large impact upon society. In other words animals can be either harmful or beneficial to any environment on Earth. Next, plants are an extremely significant factor in an environment and can have an even more important role than animals. A tree is the building block of life for every kind of organism from a human to any

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