Enviromental Science Essay

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Introduction The effect of humans on the environment is a topic of current events and conversation. To grasp the effects and risks effectively and comprehensively, I will discuss and provide examples of the four major environmental hazards which are Cultural, Biological, Physical, and Chemical. Cultural Hazards Cultural Hazards result from where we live, our socioeconomic status, occupation, or behavioral choices. For example, we may have a nice home built in the middle of a field of big power lines. Somewhere down the line being around the power lines for a long period of time may put you at risk of developing some sort of cancer. Another example is you may choose to smoke and you already know that it is a hazard to your health and what the consequences may be. One more example of a cultural hazard is using drugs. ("Four categories of," 2012) Biological Hazards Biological Hazards result from ecological interaction among organisms. They consist of bacterial or virus infection or other pathogens. Biological hazards are communicable diseases or transmissible diseases such as malaria, cholera, tuberculosis, and influenza. It is possible to get rid of these hazards but there are ways to prevent the wide spread devastation they can cause. Biological hazards spread every day from person to person. A basic interaction with another person can cause you to fall victim of a biological hazard. There are ways to prevent biological hazards such as vaccinations and cleanliness. ("Four categories of," 2012) Physical Hazards Physical hazards are also known as natural disasters. Some examples of physical hazards are earthquakes, volcano eruptions, floods, droughts, and hurricanes. Another example of a physical hazard is ultra violet rays from the sunlight. All of the physical hazards can cause devastation to the world as we know it. These natural disasters can strike

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