Enviromental Matters Essay

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PSY 460 DQ’s Week 1 DQ 1 What do you think has caused increased interest in environmental matters? What are some examples of ways in which environmental awareness has increased among the general population? Increased interest in environmental matters where recognized in the 1960’s by Hellpach who studied how different environments had stimulants such as color and form, the sun and moon, and how they affected human activities. In studying he also found that urban phenomena had impact on humans as well. Brusnwick and Lewin also implied that environmental psychology depends upon human behavior and real life settings. Increased interest was also geared in environmental psychology in the late 1960’s when individuals started to be aware of environmental problems that caused issues in negative ways. In my opinion environmental issues can be affective in many ways that causes humans to act in certain ways. As of in today’s issues recycling can be something that is healthy for humans because it is a way of living that can contribute to the environment that contributes to good human behaviors. Some individuals believe that smoking is an environmental harm that causes to the environment. Many individuals as of today have increased environmental matters are geared to be more environmental friendly for their homes, their jobs, and their businesses. We all have different views on what is important in the environment. So as an individual I believe that the environment affects contributes to humans wellbeing and sometimes maybe not. What are your outlooks on this issue? Steg, L. (2013). Enviromental Psychology: An Introduction. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell (pgs 2 and 4) Week 1 DQ 2 Which theoretical approach towards environmental psychology do you think makes the most sense?

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