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Literature eight fake market made people got cholera and environment pollution. After inspection team to monitor the prevention of acute diarrhea in Ward dangerous Literature ( Dong Da district ) , with the lake Linh Quang cause serious environmental pollution , Literature Ward People's Committee has asked more than 100 household business to Literature ( mainly selling vegetables , fruits food ) to solve business in 3 days 6 - 8 quarters . etc. Linh Quang lakeside temporary market will have to solve the business to limit dangerous cholera spread , after inspecting the specific situation at Lake Linh Quang ward Literature , Hanoi City People's Committee meeting and assigned to the Department of Transport and Public Works in collaboration with the departments clean up the lake , offshore flow and renovation work on environmental policy here . From now until the end of the renovation completed the lake embankment. Then, preventive medicine center Hanoi will conduct sanitation disinfection. On the morning of 6/4, Ward People's Committee has asked Literature business in more than 100 households to Literature (mainly selling vegetables, fruits, food) to solve business in 3 days 6 - 8 quarters. In the morning nine quarters, temporary market space will be handed over to perform environmental cleanup. Linh Quang Lake around there are plenty of laborers who live inertness. Due to the precarious living so people here do not care about the living conditions. No drainage channels, no latrines, temporary markets adjacent meeting area with lake views seriously polluted. Literature temporary market located on the waterfront, so the food and vegetables at the market potential is huge pollution risk. According to the test results of the Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, the Linh Quang lake water contaminated by harmful bacteria, including Vibrio

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