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a.) The Cobra Event is a 1998 thriller novel written by Richard Preston. It describes an attempted bioterrorism attack on the United States. The criminal, Tom Cope, of the attack has genetically engineered a virus, called "Cobra”, which is a mix of the highly contagious common cold with one of the world's most infectious diseases, smallpox. The disease that results from the virus, called brain-pox in the novel, has symptoms that mimic the common cold and the dangerous Lesch-Nyhan syndrome. The book is separated into descriptions, or sections of the virus, and the government's attempt to stop the imminent threat. The story begins one spring morning in New York City when a seventeen-year-old student wakes up feeling really ill. She seems to be coming down with a cold. Hours later she is having violent seizures and has begun a terrible process of self-cannibalization. She is soon dead. When other gruesome deaths of a similar nature are discovered, the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta send epidemiologist, Dr. Alice Austen an expert in epidemiology, to investigate. Then she discovers a federal crisis. II.) Setting(s) a.) New York City b.) South America c.) Atlanta d.) East Africa III.) Characters a.)Kate Morgan -She was the first character to be introduced. Though she wasn’t a huge aspect of the novel, she had a huge role. She showed how the disease tore a human apart and all of the symptoms. She soon died, in her school in NYC with the deadly disease, Cobra. b.) Dr. Alice Austen - Austen was the main character in the story and the main protagonist. She was an epidemiologist who the government assigned on the case, with Mark, to find out how this new disease came about. On pages 142 to 145, Austen looks at boxes which were pieces of forensic evidence that ultimately leads her team members on a trip to East Africa to find out where the boxes were

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