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Environmental themes is a very interesting class and I am glad that I took it. I already had a basics understanding about most of the topics we discussed in class, but I wanted to expand my knowledge on those topics. The topics that interested me the most were the ones that were on global warming, fossil fuels, and alternative fuel sources. We only have one planet with finite resources, so we have to take care of it. We as humans are leaving a gigantic carbon footprint on the Earth. The use of resources obviously differs greatly between highly developed nations and less developed nations. It amazed me that in the United States, we throw away over 18 billion diapers and that we generate 246 million tons of waste every year. This way of living is not sustainable; in fact we would need over seven Earths worth of resources if everyone in the world was to live like us. It is obvious now that for our way of living, people in other countries are living with ninety percent less resources. We need to change the way we live because we are using our resources and destroying the land at an alarming rate. Fossil Fuels are one of the corner stones of our global economy. These types of fuel include oil, natural gas, and coal. These fossil fuels are used to do everything from generating electricity to powering our transportation vehicles. In fact many base materials such as plastics are made through using fossil fuels. The world is so dependent on fossil fuels for everything; it is hard imagining a future without them. Fossil fuels have also contributed greatly to global warming and many environmental disasters. Just mining for these fossil fuels damages the environment by contaminating water sources and destroying vegetation. Hydro fracking for natural gas has resulted in toxic waste dumps and the contamination of people’s drinking water. Burning coal in factories and the

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