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The Styles of Writing Natasha Chillious Everest University Donald Demoulin July 26, 2012 The Carbon, Phosphorus, and Nitrogen Cycles are very important the earth to continue to thrive and humans to leave. But unfortunately humans are not having a great impact on the environment. As humans take from nature to improve our daily lives but not considering the negative impact it has on the environment. I don’t believe use as humans give too much thought about how taking down a tree, using limestone and using fertilizers can upset the natures balance. In the carbon cycle there are two processes which are photosynthesis and metabolism. Photosynthesis is the process of plants using carbon dioxide and creating oxygen in which humans need to live. Metabolism is the process of changing chemical energy into another form like heat and other forms of energy. Humans have impacted this cycle by burning of fossil fuels coal, etc. What happens is when humans burns fuels it release carbon dioxide into the air along with water molecules. When the extra carbon dioxide is releases into the environment how does it disperse? With the additional carbon dioxide in the atmosphere scientist believe this is causing the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect means the changes in the global climate and the changes in sea levels. The phosphorus cycle is the movement of phosphorus through the biosphere, hydrosphere, and the lithosphere. Phosphorus is entered through the environment by rocks or by bird dropping called guano. Once there is decay the phosphate are released back into the atmosphere for reuse. Humans have largely impacted this cycle by mine certain calcium to create synthetic fertilizer for plants. The problem with using fertilizer plants may not need or absorb all of it and the phosphorus is lost and washed away. When the excessive phosphate enters a

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