Enviroment Essay

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Our earth is slowly getting worse and worse by natural carbon dioxide and manmade CO2, whether it’s with fossil fuels, or People who have greenhouses full of carbon dioxide, or workers cutting down trees in a forest, these produce CO2. When we are constantly using these gases the earth’s temperature starts to rise due to natural gasses and what we human produce. When all the different types of gas gets mixed together the earth’s system slows down and can’t keep up with the amount we are producing which cause drastic climate changes also known as Global Warming. A number one factor is to stop the Greenhouse Gasses which causes higher amounts of CO2 and other toxic gasses such as Methane, and Nitros Oxide. Coal, oil, and gas also know as Fossil Fuels are another huge factor to global warming they are historic organic remains of plants and animals. People burn them to get cheap electricity can be generated in one place using coals. The bad thing is it pollutes the air and increases the amount of CO2. Trees also produce CO2 and unlike Fossil Fuels you can determine how old they are and what climate changes they’ve gone through by looking at the rings on the stump. One way to reduce global Warming is to stop using toxic gas in your green house and invest in an organic garden. A good way is to plant trees whenever you can, If everyone does this it could save our environment and wild life. Because of the melting of the glaciers polar bears and other seal animals will become instinct. Workers chopping down forests do not help this matter either. It doesn’t take much to help out the earth. By simply recycling and turning off your lights and electronics when there not in use will make a big impact on your carbon footprint other ways are to ride the bus more, or even use fast food grease to fuel up your car, the less you consume the more you can give out to our earth and

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