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The environment, the energy resources and the technological development of Switzerland The Swiss community has always worried about their environment, given that this one has always provided them with their natural resources, their food supplies, their sports facilities as well as the ones used for entertainment purposes. An example that demonstrates this could be the fact that one of “the world’s earliest pieces of environmental legislation” was “Switzerland’s federal forestry law of 1876”. (Encyclopedia of the Nations. Europe. Switzerland. 2009.) However, despite the care the have provided their environment with for centuries, nowadays Switzerland is amongst the countries whose environments have been afflicted as a consequence from the climate changes occurring worldwide nowadays. First of all, Swiss citizens have ceased to enjoy the freshness of the mountain air due to the tremendous amount of air pollution present in the country. The main factors that have led to the depletion of the aerial conditions of the country are the means of transport that make use of gasoline in order to work. Examples of these are automobiles or planes, both of which are quite common in Switzerland. Data gathered in 1996 informed us that there were “44 million metric tons” of “industrial carbon dioxide emissions” at the time floating in the Swiss atmosphere. The amount of carbon dioxide has increased quite rapidly since, and it will probably continue to do so unless a dramatic change takes place in the means of transport used by the Swiss citizens. Apart from leading to terrible respiratory problems, air pollution also harms the species living in the Swiss environment. For instance, a report made by the Swiss Federal Office of Forestry in 1986 stated “that 36% of the country’s forests had been killed or damaged by acid rain and other types of air pollution”. (Encyclopedia of the

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