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Environmental Fundamentals Environmental science is the study of how humans interact with the environment. Environmental science is the study of the interaction of the living and non-living components of the environment with special emphasis on the impact of humans on these components. Environmental science is a very dynamic area of research and involves many different fields of study. (Hartwick College, 2013). These other study areas include biology, ecology, geology, chemistry, physic, engineering, math, computer science and other sciences that work together to keep the world moving forward. Environmental science is the study of various factors that affect our environment. Some of these factors are global warming, pollution, overpopulation, and over consumption of natural resources. According to Berg and Hager (2009), “The focus of environmental science is identifying, understanding, and solving problems that we as a society have generated.” As a society, we want material things to show our status in society. Many times we do not focus on at what cost it is to our environment to have these things. We need to stop focusing on the wants and start focusing on the needs. Waster is a resource that we need; a television is a material we want. If we stop and look at what resources an individual needs to survive, we would find that it is very low. We need shelter to live in, water to drink, and food to eat. As technology advances in our country, It attributes to the depletion of our natural resources. We have people looking to science and technology as a way to replenish the resources which are given to us naturally. As the population in our country grows, it eventually will overwhelm and deplete the resources that we need to survivie. When we plant crops and do not allow the lan proper time to recuperate before planning again, it ruins the soil. If we

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