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Enuma Elis The Babylonian creation myth found in the Enuma Elis was first published in 1876 by George Smith. There is a lot of argument over this myth and the story of creation in the book of Genesis. Many say that the Babylonian myth was rewritten later in the book of Genesis, and others say that Genesis was written first. There are too many similarities to not compare the two stories, and historians do believe that the Babylonian myth was written before. For example, according to both stories, light was created on the first day, followed by the sky, dry land, heavenly lights, and then mankind. After everything was created, there was a day for rest and celebration for God. We to this day will never know which story was written first, but what we do know is that it was written sometime in the twelfth century B.C.E on seven cuneiform tablets, each 115-170 lines, in Akkadian, which is an old Babylon tongue no longer spoken. Some of the words on the tablets still cannot be deciphered, and it was very difficult to translate the text, because of disfigured tablets. In fact, tablet V was never discovered, but scholars have tried to piece together the puzzles of the story, which besides that tablet, is complete. The creation myth starts off with Aspu and Tiamat, god and goddess, whose children, Anshar and Kinshar, cause so many problems with other sons Ea and Anu, that their father decides to have them all killed. Ea discovered this and killed Aspu, and with his wife creates a son, Marduk, who becomes the highest god of them all. Tiamat, however, decides to create several monsters to seek vengeance against the sons that killed her husband. Ea and Anu tried several times to stop her, but have failed to do so. After Marduk was named high king, he killed Tiamat, who turned herself into a huge serpent, and used her body to create earth and the sky,

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