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A 4-MAT Review: Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity Hunter Barnhill Liberty University A 4-MAT Review System: Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity Summary In the book Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity by David N. Entwistle, theology and psychology, and the relationship between the two, are broken down into key concepts that provides the reader with a comprehensive review of all aspects surrounding the two disciplines. The two disciplines, theology and psychology, have a relationship that is unique in that there are a number of different approaches one could use to examine this ever changing relationship. Factors such as worldviews, histories, scientific findings, and evolving societies all have an effect on this relationship and Entwistle provides the reader with a thorough examination of all the factors that yield an effect on this relationship. Following each chapter’s presentation of data and research, the book includes a series of questions at the end to give the reader the opportunity to analyze their own opinions and viewpoints on the subject matter and how such opinions might relate to their personal perspectives on the relationship between theology and psychology. The book begins with an overview of the broad connections between theology and the quest for knowledge along with a question that asks if it is even worth finding ways in which theology and psychology relate to one another if at all. It is here that the reader is introduced to the term integration and how it applies to the quest for knowledge and truth. Due to the severed ties between psychology and theology, integration is important to understand because without a firm grasp on integration it is difficult to recognize and understand how theological truths apply to psychology and vice versa. There are those that believe that there is no

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