Entreprenuership Essay

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RUNNINGHEAD: ANALYSIS COMPARISION BETWEEN CHINA & INDIA Analysis Comparison between China & India Entrepreneurship and Innovation Professor: Dr. Annette West Dorothy Jean Kimble Strayer University July 25, 2009 Abstract I have done investigated research on the Clothing Industries in China and India. Dorothy’s Church Fashions are implanting change to focus locally as well as global. The fashion will designed to adapt to the various culture of the country chosen to be the start up operation. Committees will conduct SWOT analysis on both countries. The internal and external circumstances will depend on which country is chosen. The legal, religious, and business operations on both countries will be studied to determine the policies and procedures to make it possible to do business in the chosen country. [pic]DDDDDD VISION: ENPOWERING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE Fashion Opportunities in China: Look at China as a long term opportunity for fashion production and innovation you’ll join the band wagon for the future. It’s not all trash that comes of the production lines. Remember in the 60’s it was Japan in the same focus, now we rush out to buy the new cars because the quality and value are unrivalled by any western country. Japan's engineering prowess is now well recognized and highly respected. In fact the west has had to adopt many of their innovative production systems and management strategies. We see people looking at clothing labels, and mumbling, “Made in China”, then they say, “Is anything still made in Australia”, well, Australia has never been renowned for its sartorial prowess. China have been making highly quality clothing for centuries and in modern times are considered amongst the best tailors in the world. So where is the argument centered? There is no substance in people’s perception, just conditioning. In England the rag

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