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The Importance of Entrepreneurship to Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Dr Stephen Ball Reader in Hospitality Management, Sheffield Hallam University Introduction Recommendation 40 in the National Committee of Inquiry into Higher Education (Dearing Report, 1997) stated that: ‘We recommend to higher education institutions that they consider the scope for encouraging entrepreneurship through innovative approaches to programme design and through specialist postgraduate programmes.’ Whilst this might be an obvious move in more vocationally oriented programmes, the extent to which entrepreneurship (or indeed employability) learning and teaching should feature in university programmes is still a topic of debate, with concern around the degree of relevance to the subject and the potential watering down of academic programmes. This report is the first investigation of current provision for entrepreneurship within hospitality, leisure, sport and tourism programmes. There is no doubt that entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship teaching are in vogue. The main purpose of this work is to explore the importance of entrepreneurship to the hospitality, leisure, sport and tourism industries and the extent and nature of entrepreneurship teaching in these areas. Before doing this, relevant literature and other sources are reviewed to explore the general importance of entrepreneurship, to briefly examine previous research on entrepreneurship, and to discuss the meaning of entrepreneurship. Quotations, particularly from industrial practitioners, are used when considering the importance of entrepreneurship to hospitality, leisure, sport and tourism to reinforce the points being made. General importance of entrepreneurship The subject of entrepreneurship has attracted much attention in both the UK and other countries during the last three decades. It has become ‘flavour of the

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