Entrepreneurship in Developing Organisations Essay

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According to Crawford Gillies 2014 (Enterprise, 2014) ‘Our new businesses should be ‘born global. Existing businesses must be innovative and open to new, radical ideas; look to develop and diversify leadership with a global mindset, giving them the tools required to be successful abroad; working closely with organisations that are already established in target markets, for example universities, supply chains and enterprise agencies.’ This is important because it is talking about the globalization. Globalisation has become all the more important in last decade as technological advances have made easier for people to travel, trade, communicate and do business internationally. In general, as economies become more connected to other economies, they have increased opportunity but also increased competition to a point where businesses are faced with the situation where they are competing on a global scale in a world where you have got emerging countries such as China and Indonesia which can produce goods and services at a lot lower cost. Scotland and Japan cannot compete with china and Indonesia because of their lower costs in producing goods and services however both Scotland and Japan can compete by being innovative and entrepreneurial. This essay will explore how existing organisations can be more innovative and entrepreneurial by using theory to explore leadership and intrepreneurship in an entrepreneurial organisation as well as examples from Scotland and Japan. The essay will explore the strengths and weaknesses of entrepreneurial organisations in Scotland and Japan. To achieve this, this essay will explore theories which will help analyse the entrepreneurial activity inside an entrepreneurial organisation such as the Greiner Model. There are many definitions for entrepreneur however Bolton and Thompson (2000) have defined an entrepreneur as “a person
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