Entrepreneurship in (Australian)cleaning industry Essay

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Table of Contents Page Executive Summary 3 1. Introduction 4 2. Cleaning Industry Description 5 2.1 The Commercial Market 5 2.2 The Consumer Market 6 3. Significant issues facing Entrepreneurs 6 3.1 Quality of service 6 3.2 Staff 7 3.3 The problem with image 8 4. Factors influencing new venture success 9 4.1 External factors 9 4.1.1 Economic environment 9 4.1.2 Cultural influences 10 4.2 Internal factors 10 4.2.1 Leadership & management & education & determination 10 4.2.2 Seizing venture opportunities 11 5. Level of entrepreneurial activity 12 5.1 The consumer market 12 5.2 The commercial market 13 6. Conclusions 14 References 15   Executive Summary This report will explore the issue of entrepreneurship within the cleaning Industry. The cleaning industry is vital to the economy, through the large numbers of staff employed , the revenue generated and the role it plays in the maintenance of public health and hygiene. There are two major markets within the cleaning industry: the consumer marker and the commercial market. There are three key issues facing the entrepreneur in this industry: the quality of service, the quality & retention of staff and the image of the industry. This report will look at these three issues more closely. One of the most encouraging findings which may well help to improve poor image is the newly formed CIRI – Cleaning Industry Research Institute. This organisation may help to promote the industry through scientific research, which has been sadly lacking to date. Science may well provide a basis for innovation with

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