Entrepreneurship Essay

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-Entrepreneurship can be learned. In our research, we found out that entrepreneur is mainly of learning rather than genetics. For example, our initial thought that entrepreneurship is genetic because our general observation and assumptions is that many young entrepreneurs have parents who owned a business, and then we assume that young entrepreneur might have gain their entrepreneur ability from their entrepreneur parents. However, when we look further into that matter, we found out that there are environment factors that have influence their decision to be an entrepreneur. We like to talk about Singaporeans that they are very competitive (kiasu), but what makes them so special is something to do with their environment. Their competitiveness have been instill to them since young, that it became a part of their DNA (http://thehearttruths.com/2012/08/25/singaporeans-are-kiasu-is-it-good-or-bad-for-singaporeans/ ). Similarly, if our environment were being filled with people who perceived to be an entrepreneur, then we would have the motivation of being an entrepreneur too. The basic skills of an entrepreneur such as leadership skills and communication skills can be trained or learned through our education. Currently, almost all business courses offered in education institution teaches subjects such as Management Principle, Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Cross Cultural Leadership, etc. in their course. Through education, we are able to gain the knowledge required to start a business. We might also gained some practiced and experience through class projects, such as organizing a charity drive, or setting up stores. Also, there are internships offered in universities. Through internship, students are able to look through the reality of a business world, enabling them to apply their skillsets in the real world, and most importantly, gaining experience and

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