Entrepreneurship Essay

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Entrepreneurship starts with innovation, continues the skills and knowledge. An entrepreneur must start with a good idea, different from the others and called the idea “out of the box ‘. Assuming the sale of yogurt is very popular among students of Harvard University. You are about to participate resolved and sell yogurt without feature renewal, innovation and new ideas, then you are not a smart entrepreneur. For example, the United States is the nation’s number one in product innovation and business process innovation. Who does not excited to see Apple product such as iPad and iPhone brands output in parallel with the development of the current trend. Yes! Indeed, the idea to produce a brand new tablet, cell phone is not enough if no new functions, new design and advanced technology. Management skills and extensive knowledge can not be separated for the realization of an idea into reality. Why do many people fail to realize the idea? They failed because they have no ability, desire and high determination. If you think you are an entrepreneur, ask yourself whether you creative? Enough knowledge and experience? Can you turn a dream into reality? Entrepreneurship is not what you do, but how you do it … What is the difference from McDonald’s restaurant business, burger stalls in the street? They still make the burgers as a food products business. What is different is the McDonald’s restaurant has its own nutritional management system ‘standard’ model of marketing operations, logistics, human resources and so on. So McDonald called the restaurant business franchise business. So McDonald’s is not selling burgers alone. McDonald’s actually selling business opportunities, a comprehensive management system and proven through a franchise license issued to anyone who is interested. So, just for selling burgers, yogurt or crackers in the carnival business

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