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Entrepreneurship Man’s one of the most prominent ways to fulfill his dream has been the form of an entrepreneur. It leads to innovation, business and hence being a part of the economy. It has been mastered with experience and new influential ideas. Anyone who is able to make profit from his form of business is considered an entrepreneur. Anyone who is able to reduce his costs and expenditure and earn a margin is an entrepreneur. As we can see the young generation is developing and understanding the economy really fast. They are one of the major causes of innovation as their belief does not let them down. The capabilities and expectations have reached the peak. Competition level has definitely gone up. However, not everyone succeeds in their first business. The most important advantage of being an entrepreneur is doing what he or she likes. The person should pursue what they like and want to do. There is no supervisor or top management above them and you are free to make your own decisions. Everyone has desires of attaining maximum wealth as possible, owning a car big house etc. and this is a way to do so. Entrepreneurship builds self-confidence in man. It helps one to believe in himself and take major decisions of life. If he lacks confidence in himself then he may not be able to take decisions all by himself. Grabbing positive opportunities may also become a problem and difficult for him. Entrepreneurship is a major sector for the reason of innovation in the society. As we can see the now the computers have changed into a laptop and now, presently it’s just a screen called tablet. An entrepreneur builds a risk taking attitude in life, as there is an old saying ‘no profit without risk’. The greater the risk taken by businessman the greater profit he earns. A company, organization, or any business group provides employment to people. Entrepreneurship can also be

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