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Entrepreneurship is a word open to different interpretations, but the underlining concept behind the word “entrepreneurship” is the innovative act of undertaking an endeavor. This concept of undertaking an endeavor to solve an identifiable problem isn’t always as clear as it might seem. Dan Bricklin had no idea that his electronic spreadsheet would jump start the personal computer industry. His major concern was the frustration of having to manually calculate and re-calculate every change on a spreadsheet as he worked through his case studies at Harvard. The identification process of analyzing a problem was what made Bricklin unique in the context of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Dan Bricklin believed that entrepreneurs are born and possess key attributes or characteristics. The phrase “he was doing what came naturally” is exactly how Mr. Bricklin would categorize his life as an entrepreneur. Bricklin, like so many other successful entrepreneurs, embodied several key characteristics, such as being an overachiever, tolerating a high level of risk, and making good decisions, to make his success possible. Bricklins’ philosophy for being a successful entrepreneur was focused on personal background, motivation and attitude. The notion that personal background is confined to education “only” is a misconception made by many in the intellectual and professional world. I’m not saying Dan Bricklin education at Harvard then MIT is not important, but other aspects of his life, separate from education were equally important to his personal background and development. His entrepreneurial character was shaped at an earlier age, his family’s unspoken dedication to the business gave Dan the necessary building blocks for how to start his own business one day. The personal background of Dan yields an important aspect concerning family owned businesses. Recent studies

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