Entrepreneurial Leadership Essay

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Entrepreneurial Leadership Enid K Bukambu Dr. Figiel Contemporary Business 01/22/2012 Introduction Leadership is the process through which an entrepreneur is able to influence employees to achieve the objective of the organization. To be an effective leader, an entrepreneur must build trust and confidence among employees and communicate effectively with them (www.growthink.com). Some entrepreneurs are socially responsible entrepreneurs and some are profit-oriented entrepreneurs. This paper discusses both types of entrepreneurs in terms of their leadership styles and business principles. Victor Kiam, who is a profit oriented entrepreneur, was an American and the owner of the New England Patriots football team from 1988 to 1991. He first made his fortune as the president and CEO of Remington Products, which he famously purchased after his wife bought him his first electric shaver. In 1994 he sold a controlling interest in Remington Products. Kiam also operated two other companies: Ronson and TravelSmart. He believes selling is a noble profession because a seller is convincing someone else to do something that they may not have intended to do. Also a seller is dealing one on one with another individual and building a relationship in which there is longevity. One is going to be back on selling again and again and it is up to the seller to establish ties that bind without breaking. He also believes that success is all about sacrifice (www.sellingpower.com). The leadership style used in Remington Product is autocratic leadership whereby the leader has control over all of the workers or followers. By virtue of the entrepreneur’s position and job responsibilities, he not only controls the efforts of the team, but also monitors them for completion. The leader uses his expertise to get the job done, makes sure that everyone is exactly where they need to be and

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