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" My best friend is my mirror," I always say. My best friend, Nora, is my twin and soul mate. People around us always say that we often act like each other. As best friends, Nora and I have a lot of similarities and differences. [indent] Nora and I have many similarities. For example, we both have long black hair, brown eyes, and the same skin color. Also, Ahmad is the name of both our brothers. I like Italian food. Nora does, too. Nora and I are equally social, and we like yo have a lot of interaction with people. Moreover, sometimes we buy the same clothes. Nora likes blue just like me. Furthermore, I like romantic movies just like Nora. I study at Dar Al-Hekma College just as Nora. We both have Apple Mac lap tops. [/indent] Although we have many similarities, Nora and I have some diffrences. For instance, Nora is a very sensitive person, and she easily gets upset. In contrast, I hardly get upset. My sign is Scorpio, while Nora's sign is Pisces.Nora is in Level Two in the CPP, but I am in Level Three. Whhereas Nora is funny person and has the sence of humor, I am more quiet than her. Unlikeme, Nora is lazy and likes to sleep a lot. Nora can take a lot of physical exercises, but I can't. I love tanning very much;on the other hand, Nora doesn't like tanning. [indent] In brief, my best friend and I have a lot incommon,yet we are diffrent.During our friendship, I have llearned that best friends must know their similarities and diffrences, so they can deal with each other. and I have a paragraph also i want you to help me in>>>it is a descriptive paragraph about place: can you correct it for me please? Sweet Room [/indent] "Room sweet room," Nora says. My best friend's room is a very ornate modren room. As I walk into her room, the warmth of the green and pink walls entrap into a web of love. In the left corner, the wonderful huge bed seems well

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