Entrepreneual Leadership Essay

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Running head: ENTREPENEURIAL LEADERSHIP Entrepreneurial Leadership Strayer University Entrepreneurial Leadership Leadership is the main key in successful change. Entrepreneurs possess this quality amongst other key leadership in this nation. Roger Ackerman said it best when he said “It is a constant struggle to find people who can be both entrepreneurial and conventional leaders finding them are the fundamental issue in any company that wants to grow" (Ackerman, 2009). This is what Catherine W. Hughes has done for the entertainment industry since 1969, and throughout her career as a media mogul. In the paragraphs below I will explain to you the reader the imprint that Kathy Hughes has made on our nation, as well as analyzing her different business ventures, community involvement, and her entrepreneurial approach in each circumstance. Kathy Hughes was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1947 to Helen Jones Wood, a trombonist player and her father Alfred William Woods the first African American to graduate from Creighton University with an accounting degree (History makers, 2004). Kathy Hughes began her career in radio in 1969 as a host for a black radio station in Omaha. Her success at the radio station landed her a position as a lecturer and as an Assistant to the Dean of Communications at Howard University (History makers, 2004). Ms. Hughes drive for success did not stop there she later went on and was named general sales manager to a radio station in Washington, D.C in 1973, and two years later in 1975 she was hired as the general manager of the station. Upon her duties of general manager she helped an ailing radio station revenues sky rocket from $300,000 annually to $3.5 million (History makers, 2004). During this time Kathy had a dream of much greater endeavors so her and her husband

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