Entrepenuership Business Venture Essay

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My Business Venture Research Short Essay It was rather hard to communicate with customers this weekend; due to the company computer being down and having to catch up on other accounts. However, I was able to contact some customers and use them as sort of my own research subjects and reach out on my phone using social network sites and really interact with the customers who were leaving great feedback on our services on things that they want. This primary research was conducted by original research collecting data directly, from the customers. I used telephone interviews with customers confirming pending shipment and charges and questioned customer, Jasmine McElroy, about our services and what she thought of the products that we carried? I also asked her how we could improve this process and what would she like to see on our line. This survey allowed me to see from the customer’s eyes their expectations and what we could do to improve. A more effective way of giving them what they want. This questionnaire was very helpful in researching my business needs. Another fun survey when deciding what to carry is a survey of “Yay or Nay,” using social media outlets like “Instagram, Tumblr, and Pintress,” to interact with our shoppers and see what they lean more toward purchasing. Also, what draws more attention as far as styles, so we know what trends are up and coming on our website? Since I do not yet have the luxury of going to the Fashion Shows and seeing designers look first hand. I must look at all the worlds trends and see what other countries are wearing if I want to be the lead online retailer of celebrity fashion. I have a lot of competition. I often look at what they are carrying when looking to see where I should set my prices to make sure I am always lower, appealing to a more likable nature to humble the shoppers. While I was working on my research this

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