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May 22, 2012 To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to you in support of my interest in the University of Baltimore. I desire to attend the University of Baltimore for the Health Information Management program in fall 2012. I am highly motivated and well-suited for the HIM program and have been interested for a few years now. It is my desire to begin the program now that I have a less strenuous schedule and can dedicate more time to invest in my future. I am committed to my dedication of the study and practice of the HIM program and eager to begin. Currently I am employed with Coppin State University and JHU Bayview and I have worked with many students and colleagues who have substantial knowledge of the field Health Information Management who I have received valuable advice from. Despite my numerous career and family responsibilities I plan to work diligently to maintain a 3.5 GPA to prepare myself for graduate school. I have set realistic goals for myself, grad school being one. After completion of the Bachelors in the HIM program I plan to attend Graduate school for Radiological Sciences with a concentration in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. I have researched and learned that having a degree in HIM can help with my progression in the DMS field. Though I have consistently exceeded in all areas of my career, the best example of my intelligence shone through my success is running the Federal Work Study Program at Coppin State University. I am a hard worker who takes the initiative to learn and gain knowledge in many areas other than my own so that I am able to better assist my students. My work clearly shows my ability as an effective learner and mastery of the conventions of management. Furthermore I believe I am articulate in verbal expression, and frequently lead staff meeting debates. It is my opinion that I would excel tremendously in the HIM program. I

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