Entitlement In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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Erika Goforth World Litature Reflection Paper April 17, 2011 I think that town thought that Gilgamesh was a god. The town and the people were worried, but kind of look over what he really is. Gilgamesh was so important to them, so they over looked what he really was. Gilgamesh sets off on a journey to life. Considering some of us go off on our own journeys, to find what everyone is looking for. To find what we are in its self. Do we come home with all the answers? I think we find our own answers for our own entitlement. Maybe in those journeys, we may stumble upon answers for others. I think we can consider Gilgamesh like any of us who is searching for a way of life’s answers. Just like him, we have desires, attributes, and accopolments…show more content…
In later readings, I find that Gilgamesh is over steppes his position, just like most of us do. At some point of time a lot of us, think we are better than the other person, but I have come to find out through my, own experience that we are all the same no matter what our position is. When Endkidu and Gilgamesh meet for the first time, it is because Gilagamesh thinks he can do whatever he wants, because of his position of king. What is funny is that when two people, that do not like each other, end up as allies. It happens more than we know it even in these…show more content…
From the experience that came across my door, twelve years ago on the seventeenth of this month. My own way of thinking is this; I could be a hateful, uncaring and take what I want, because I am who I am. Just like Gilagamesh. With the death that is put on my door step, I found a different side of myself. In the beginning I was hateful, mad, and did not care who got in my way. To this day I have changed just like the characters in this story. I am not that person any more, because the death I experienced changed the way I looked at life and the outcome. I look at things in a different perspective. Just like Endkidu, instead of cursing what has happened, I embarrass the life that I have lost. As a person you cannot walk around hateful and judgmental. I think that this story has so much to bring to everyone in a different light. I think people can put in a perspective, and take this story for what it is. What you have a person interprets how you want it. I like this

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