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Darwin Marters MEMORANDUM MEMORANDUM TO Maya J. Arstein, Writing II Teacher FROM Dustin R. Masters, Student DATE 22 February 2007 SUBJECT PROPOSAL MEMO FOR RESEARCHED BASED DOCUMENT The purpose of this memo is to receive approval to create a researched-based document over the requirements/ prerequisites to become a successful Sports Entertainment lawyer. This proposal memo will go over the main points which are: The correct path and requirements to becoming a successful Sports Entertainment lawyer, the audience that this proposal is intended to reach, and productions and considerations. BACKGROUND This proposal project is intended to summarize and review the requirements needed to become a Sports Entertainment lawyer. In Adam…show more content…
The purpose of this proposal memorandum is to help inform students the requirements needed to even be acceptable into law school, and the requirements needed to have a successful career in the Sports Entertainment…show more content…
The materials that I will use for the completion of this project are: Microsoft personal computer, a copier, printer, scanner, library books, interviews sheets, and the essential writing utensils. The research software that will be used in this project is EBSCOHOST and Microsoft word. The total cost of this project is estimated to be around Three-thousand dollars for all the necessities needed to complete this project. The quality assurance that I can give for my credibility for this project is that I have law clerked at a law firm in Kansas City for three years now and have been around the law profession my entire life. I can also provide some of the former documents that I have compiled in the past to prove my credibility, and I will be using the Pocket Style Manual and the book Technical Writing Process and Product to assure you the precision of quality for the finalization of this

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