Enterprise Rent-a-Car: Measuring Service Quality Essay

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Q1. The Service Quality basically tries to measure how happy and satisfied are the customers. Enterprise Rent A Car wants to know if their employees are committed with offering a premium service, Enterprise Rent A Car wants to know if there’s a way to provide better service to their customers in order to fulfill their needs and gain their loyalty and if their service is good overall. Q2. Enterprise decided to test consumer satisfaction with the use of a popular contact method, a survey. This survey was mailed to their clients with a postage paid return envelope. With these answers, they created an index to grade the different levels of satisfaction, taking the highest one as a parameter. And, with this new tool, they’d decide which manager should get a promotion or not. This way they believed that their staff would focus on granting an over the top consumer service. Q3. I believe they could have used another type of contact method, probably doing a personal survey or an online survey. These two have a better response rate, and in the case of an online survey it costs less and data gets collected at a better speed. Speed and response rate are crucial factors here, because of the objectives top management had set. They actually had problems using the survey’s answers because they didn’t arrive on a proper time basis that would allow them to identify and take action on customer service problems quickly and efficiently. Q4. As I answered in the previous question, Id probably recommend the use of another technique such as contacting their customers online or

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