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Difference between corporation and enterprise Some of cross-border entities we will examine are nonprofit organizations whose strategies are every bit as complex as their corporate brethren’s. Substantial direct investment in foreign countries (not just an export business Active management of these offshore assets (not simply holding them as a passive financial portfolio) Management integration of operations located in different countries. Comprising entities in two or more countries, regardless of the legal form and fields of activity of those entities; which operates under a system of decision making permitting coherent policies and common strategy through one or more decision-making center; and in which the entities are so linked, by ownership or otherwise, that one or more of them may be able to exercise a significant influence over the activities of the other, in particular to share knowledge, resources, and responsibilities. What’s different about multinational management? Multiple operating environments Diverse pattern of consumer preferences, channels, legal frameworks, etc. Political demands and risks. Need to mesh corporate strategy wit host country policies. Global competitive game Multiple markets, new strategic options. Currency fluctuation and exchange risk. Economic performance measured in multiple currencies. Organizational complexity and diversity. Need to manage complex demands across barriers of distance, time, language and culture. Describe how transitional enterprises, influence in the global economy Largest MNE´s are as large as (and perhaps more influential than) mid-sized countries. Exxon Mobil value-added 2003: 72 billion Chile value-added 2003: 72 billion Some industries

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