Ensure Team Effectiveness

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* Activity Ensure that you write your answers to all questions on the answer sheet provided. UNIT: BSBWOR502B SUBJECT: Ensure Team Effectiveness * * Case Study (Enter your responses) FIRST NAME | | SURNAME | | STUDENT ID. NUMBER | | CLASS | | ENSURE TEAM EFFECTIVENESS ASSESSMENT TASK: CASE STUDY You are the leader of the customer service team at ‘Yummy in your Tummy Lollies’. You are responsible for ensuring that the shop is always staffed with shop assistants who make customers feel welcome, attend to their individual needs knowledgably and promptly and who are able to maintain the shop’s displays at all times. At any one time you have a team of 15 shop assistants with a need for 6 per day. Due to the nature of the work you have an average staff turnover of 1 staff position per month. At a recent senior management meeting the business strategic plan was developed from which you now to develop a performance plan for your sales team. You also need to remember the ongoing team requirements as well as those new requirements brought about the strategic plan. In essence, the strategic plan states that, over the next 12 months, ‘Yummy in your Tummy Lollies’ is aiming to: Increase turnover by 30% by: * Introducing 20 new products including a range of 6 ‘healthy lollies’ options Build market loyalty by specifically targeting ‘tweens’ as customers by: * Designing new packaging specifically designed to have greater marketing appeal to the 7-12 age demographic. * Introduce and roll out a club membership for ‘tweens; that provides them free gifts for purchases over certain amounts. Increase efficiencies by: * Increasing average customer sales from $4 per person per visit * Purchasing and installing a new computerised Point of Sales system (till) aimed at tracking sales by

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