Ensure Safe Work Place Essay

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Role Play - Documents It is important to establish the context of your Risk Management Plan in order to enable Australian Hardware to indentify the risks of your activities to reduce and control it and the influences involved in managing this risks. Provide an overview of the context of your Risk Management Plan considering the following: -Current Australian Hardware planning and direction -The goal of the risk management plan (e.g. safety of members, reduce liability) -Where does this risk management plan stay in the layout of your existing plans and the management of your organisation? -Who is responsible of the risk management plan? -What are the external influences (i.e. legislation, governing body requirements, Health and safety standards, Council regulations)? The following sample form enables you to quikly establish the context. You should change the form to meet Australian Hardware and committee context and discussions. What is Australian Hardware main business? | | What are Australian Hardware’s main goals? | | List our main activities? | | Who are the key stakeholders whom we looking for that can minimise exposure to risk? | | What are the external reflex within Australian Hardware/safety environment? | | List the strategies that already exist for managing risk? | 1. 2. 3. 4. | You will need to identify the risks faced by your organisation. Consider each of the following sources of risk: * Human behaviour * Technology * Health & Safety * Economic * Legal * Political * Property and equipment * Environmental * Financial * Natural events Identify the Risks Create a list for each of the above sources of risk. Source of Risk | Define the Risk | What Could be Affected by this Risk or who is affected (consider people, assets etc). | | | | | |

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