Ensure a Safe Work Place. Essay

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ENSURE A SAFE WORK PLACE. (ASSESSMENT) Student: Felipe Ibarra. Assessment Activity 1: What information should be provided when communicating policies to staff? R: Providing appropriate communication of OHS information to your employees and sub contractors ensures that everybody is made aware of the requirements of the OHS Management system and they understand the importance of following the System. Different methods of communication may be through - staff meetings, newsletters, emails, noticeboards, hand over books Policies can specifically relate to: Duties of employers. Duties of employees and contractors. Health and safety committees. Discrimination in the workplace Risk Assessments Control of Risk Recording and/or documenting of information Functions of health and safety Representatives (HSRs) Manual handing Instections Assessment Activity 2: When defining responsibilities, what must be included? R: At the workplace management level the responsibilities must be specific , covering tactical and operational outcomes, for example: Identifying, assessing and controlling workplace hazards and risk. Minimizing event events that could lead to injury, loss or damage Achieving OHS performance outcomes against relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) and agreed business plans Early rehabilitation of injured employees Reduce Cost of claims. Assessment Activity 3: What are some examples of financial and human resources necessary to ensure the effective operation of the OHS system? R: Human resources. Contracted training personnel Risk Assessors Rehabilitation consultant Tradespeople Occupational therapists and medical professionals Risk and compliance personnel Additional staff to assist with increase demand Financial Resources. Additional staff Storage facilities. Updating machinery Training Therapeutic

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