Enslavement Essay

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Enslavement to Gasoline/Vehicles The United States burns 10,000 gallons of gas per second. Burning one gallon of gas releases 22 lbs of Carbon Dioxide. This means we release 220,000 lbs of CO2 per second. Americans depend on our vehicles for transportation, travel, and for fun. What we don’t realize is how bad it is hurting our environment and our economy. The purpose of my speech is to show my classmates that we are enslaved to our vehicles and you need to hear it because gas prices in the US are not going to get lower anytime soon and we need to realize we might not always have our cars for personal leisure for the rest of our lives. We need to understand that gasoline is limited, especially in the United States. Gas prices in the United States get higher each day and there is nothing we can do to stop it besides import gas from other allied countries that we trade with. One day we will not have enough money to buy gas every week because the prices will be too high because it will become scarce in the countries we are importing from. We need to slow down in our gas consumption in any way possible. Different car manufacturers around the world are making certain vehicles that consume less and less gas. Even big cars are becoming more fuel efficient. The problem is that these cars are more expensive in price, but if you think about it they wont be. I spend $50 a week in gas. If my car lasts 10 years that will be around $20,000 spent on gas just to fuel it. That is almost double what I paid for it! There are other manufacturers who have made electronic cars that are powered with electricity that is consumed from our homes. The problem is that those cars are not able to go but for about 100 miles each day. So we could not travel very far without having to stop and charge which takes a pretty long time to fill with electricity. But if our knowledge in this subject
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