Enron: the Smartest Guys in the Room Video Character Analysis

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I chose to write about Lou Pai, the mystery man, because he was more intriguing than any of the other executives, not to mention he was the only one who escaped federal prosecution. Like the other executives at Enron, Pai was consumed with numbers (money) but also had an odd interest in strippers. This fascination with strippers later led to his divorce, which caused Pai to leave Enron, cashing in approximately 250 million dollars. The Divorce couldn’t have come at a better time because Enron went bankrupt shortly thereafter (approximately six months later). Pai’s strange fetishes and behaviour portrays him as a very unscrupulous person. It also leads me to believe that Pai knew it was only a matter of time before Enron went under and saw the divorce as a good opportunity to get out unscathed. Whether Pai lucked out with the divorce or it was all planned is another mystery; none the less, the divorce settlement was used as his scapegoat and Pai exercised his 5th Amendment right which has prevented him from being prosecuted; this in itself was a clear indication of guilt in my opinion. In watching the video I found Pai to value the most: money, strippers, self-interest and privacy; sounds kind of weird for a value system but he was quite queer. Pai came off as very meek and mild individual; he was very quiet, seldom ever in his office, and visited strip clubs daily where he would charge very high bills to Enron’s company account. He was very creepy for lack of better words. There was very little of him in seen in the video nor could I find a lot of information on him which further shows his value for privacy. He’s kept a very low profile - indeed a mysterious man; an uunscrupulous one at that. From his infidelity and weird fetishes, to partaking in the manipulation of the books, he definitely did not have anyone’s interest at heart other than his own, which

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