Enron Scandal Essay

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BACKGROUND Since 1985, Enron were establishing through the merger of two natural gas pipeline companies that is Houston Natural Gas and InterNorth. Enron devoted all types of fraud, from mail fraud and shareholder fraud to security, wire fraud and money laundering. In 2001, Enron is from United States that is a seventh-largest corporation. Enron nurture from a natural gas pipeline company into a trading and marketing giant, moving first into the business of acting as a broker between energy suppliers and buyers, then expanding its role as a broker of non-energy transactions, and later adding a variety of diverse investments to its portfolio. Enron was a leading advocate of restructuring energy markets in the United States and the largest player in the energy trading business. While examine the frauds it will be seen who committed the fraud, why did they commit it, how did they commit it, the penalty and punishment given to those who were apart of it, the key players, the penalty and punishment given to those who are innocent by standers, the penalty given to Enron as a whole, how these types of frauds can be prevented in the future and how Enron could of prevented these frauds from occurring, and how to bring back the trust that was lost due to fraud in the markets. Other than that, wire fraud are including of a couple of main players from Enron. The key players from Enron who committed wire fraud are Timothy Belden, Andrew Fastow, Jeffrey Richter, Michael Kopper, Jeffrey Skilling, and most of all Enron trader's in general. By knowing that wire fraud is anyone who uses throughway wire communication facilities in carrying out a scheme to defraud. Lectric Law Library, and that shareholder fraud is when the employees of a corporation deliberately deceive the company's shareholders by misrepresenting information (Shareholder fraud info center) and security

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