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Corporate Social Responsibility:- The Enron case was one of the biggest examples of corporate fraud that has occurred in the past twenty years. Not only the company lied about what it was doing, but it destroy the lives of so many hard working employees who had given years of service in the company. The company had published a social and environmental report, in which it is shown that what they are doing about environmental impact, its employee relations and community relations programs and its anti-corruption and bribery policies. In those reports CEO described how they are following their vision and values. For example, they show mutual respect with communities and look how stakeholders affected by the company's operations. They observe the impacts of the business on the environment and on society. Trying to improve performance and encourage business partners and suppliers to match the same standards. But with all these policies and programs mentioned in their report, they did not follow it. So . It will be right to say that Enron did not show social responsibility. The first reason why they didn't show social responsibility is that they fooled the people that worked for them. So many workers had their retirement accounts linked to investments that Enron had made. 20000 employees lost their jobs and medical insurances. Employees lost $ 1.2 billion in retirement funds and Retiree lost $2billion in pension funds. Enron was a Flourishing company that was only going up in the future. Enron was struggling to make money and in reality it was going to be bankrupt soon. The second reason that they were not socially responsible was that they lied to so many people. Normally it seems that lying is not a big deal but in reality they are giving wrong information to many people. The main thing is that it sends the wrong message to kids because it shows that lying is

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