Enrique's Journey

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Enrique’s Journey My Nonfiction Book that I read this term was Enrique’s Journey. Enrique’s Journey was written by Sonia Nazario and was first published as a newspaper series in the Los Angeles Times, and then later published in 2006 by the New York Random House. Enrique’s Journey was inspired when Sonia had a house cleaner (Carmen) who told her about her 4 children (2 girls and 2 boys) who she had left behind in Guatemala for 12 years so she could come to America to work to send money for her children back in Guatemala. Carmen goes on to tell Sonia that in 1998, her oldest son set off to find her, and he eventually found his way on Carmen’s doorstep. This is where Sonia got her idea for writing a book about the separation of a mother and her children. Sonia followed Enrique for months as he rode on trains, and traveled through Honduras all the way to America. She did it the same exact way he did, so she could experience what he experienced and felt when he was on his journey. I chose the book Enrique’s Journey because I wanted to find out what drives people to leave their country to illegally enter the United States. I enjoyed the book because it was interesting, and it also wasn’t written like a regular nonfiction book, where all they state are the facts and the reasoning to support it. Enrique’s Journey is about a mother and her children that were apart for 11 years and the struggles that they went through to get back together and become a family. When Enrique was 5 years old, Lourdes left him and his sister Belky, who was 7 to live with their grandmother while she went to America to find a job and to make money. When she left, it was 1989, and she promised to go back to Honduras where they lived after one year in America. Lourdes paid a smuggler 3,000 dollars to get her from Honduras to Orlando Florida, but he left her one night promising to come back, but he

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