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Enigmas; Or, Power And Corruption In Wuthering He Essay

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  • on May 12, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Enigmas; Or, Power And Corruption In Wuthering He" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In a typical novel, the desire for power often drives the story's antagonist.   This obsession gives the story its focus as well as its obstacles.   But in putting the obsession in the hands of the central figure in the story, the dynamic becomes warped completely.   Both Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights and Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness present the reader with this dilemma; the driving force of both novels takes form in a character who's cravings overpower everything else, albeit for graspable reasons.   Bronte's Heathcliff seems to overwhelm the presence of all those around him, as his attempts to quench his thirst for total control of those he meets.   Conrad's Kurtz exemplifies Heathcliff's foil; Kurtz has everything, and in his deity-esk complete control he merely finds emptiness.   While Heathcliff and Kurtz both obsess over control of those around them, only Heathcliff truly controls the story; as Kurtz   plays a more passive role. But in truth, the distance each story occurs from society sets the novels.   The lack of, and almost purposeful rejection, of proper conduct guides and shapes the characters into savage animals; as they desperately grasp for control of everything around them.  
The narrative maintains an important part of how we view a character, dictating our every encounter with the characters at the author's discretion.   Wuthering Heights and Heart of Darkness are told from the perspective of a narrator who's presence in the world of which their stories unfold.   While this calls into question the validity of the narrator's story, it also shapes the way we perceive each character.   Through Marlow, Kurtz appears a mythical beast, never directly involved in any affairs yet omnipresent.   Kurtz doesn't appear to be a character in the story as much as a part of its setting, he seems to never truly exists.   Marlow aptly refers to him as a nightmare, but rather a nightmare that he comes back to every night, never really alive unless surrounded by that...

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